The Complete Guide To At-Home Facial Gua Sha with Britta Plug

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Lift, Sculpt & Smooth  

In this masterclass, you'll learn how become your own at-home facialist from the "Queen of Holistic Skin Care (Harper's Bazaar)" Britta Plug. 

Facial Gua Sha is an ancient Chinese Medicine technique that in skilled hands, can de-puff, sculpt, destress and detoxify the skin. It’s been called a natural facelift, and touted as an alternative to botox. 


Luminous, Glowing Skin, In the Power of Your Own Hands. 

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The 4 Foundation Workshops

Here You'll Learn: The history of gua sha • How to position and hold the stone for maximum benefits • Top gua sha do's and don'ts • How to apply expert pressure •  How to work with different stone shapes to get customized, detailed results • The signature framework Britta has developed over years of practice to lift, sculpt, smooth and illuminate the skin

Beginning Your Gua Sha Practice 

8 minutes

Facial Gua Sha 101 - Foundations

45 minutes

Advanced Facial Gua Sha 

40 minutes

Mastering The Wand Tool 

14 minutes

6 Advanced Workshops to Target Specific Skin Concerns

You'll learn specific, advanced movements straight from Britta's treatment room to address all your skin concerns.  You can use these correctively to improve the tone, texture and clarity of your skin, as well as preventatively to keep your skin luminous and healthy. 

De-Puff Tired Eyes 

10 minutes

Lift for Tone & Elasticity 

7 minutes

Clear Breakouts

10 minutes

Release Jaw Tension

7 minutes

Smooth Forehead Lines

8 minutes

Plump Fine Lines

10 minutes

3 Meditative, Slow Beauty Self Care Rituals

Here is where skin care and self care meet.  These soothing, sensory rituals will help relax your nervous system while also deeply nourishing your skin.  These rituals are where the craft you've learned in the workshops becomes and intuitive, self-healing art. 

Daily Balancing Ritual 

18 minutes

Melting Tension Ritual 

28 minutes

Short & Sweet Gua Sha Ritual

8 minutes

View a sample clip from the course: 


Hello! I'm Britta Plug. 

Since I was a little girl growing up in Germany, I've been a seeker of the healing power of beauty, inviting my friends over for in spa sleepovers and asking for books on aromatherapy for my tenth birthday.
For 15 years I've been an Internationally Certified Esthetician with a strong focus on facial massage. My career completely changed when about 5 years ago I was introduced to facial gua sha.  At first it seemed like a wonderfully relaxing, feel good treatment.  But after much practice and fine tuning, I started seeing results in my treatment room that were nothing short of miraculous.
Gua Sha became my full time passion.  I co-founded the gua sha based skin care company Wildling, created a successful NCBTMB certified facial gua sha training for professionals, and to deepen my understanding and to delve further into the magic of Chinese medicine, I’m currently in chi gong teacher training, learning about the elements, daoism and the ancient Chinese medicine perspective on working with the body. 
It has been an honor and a joy to perform thousands of gua sha facials every different skin type imaginable, observing what works to create noticeable results. This is now the wisdom that I’m so excited to now be sharing with you.


Transform Your Skin From Within

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